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Host your very own Flight to Freedom Seder

Here are files for your own customizable Flight to Freedom Seder.   First, decorate the room as much as you can to look like an airplane: views of the inside, tiny portal windows, exit signs, etc.   At our seder, we also had flight maps of Israel and Egypt.   Place "As a courtesy to the next passenger" signs in your bathrooms.   Download signs here.
Me as pilot/seder leader for the evening!
I was lucky to know a pilot trainer, who loaned me his pilot gear, and another friend had flight goggles – but any ol' set of goggles (and headset if you have one) will enhance the scene.   My little joke was the bumper sticker "God is my copilot" on my back.   Have tied-up snacks of greens to mimic the airline's snacks – these are halachically allowed to be eaten after the Karpas blessing.
Best of all, at Urchatz (washing of the hands), distribute hot towelettes from a tray using tongs.   That will be a surprise your family and guests will remember a long time!

"Flight HEB01 is now boarding."   Once everyone is seated, use this captain's announcement, complete with airport noises and goofy humor.   If you want to record your own, use one of these example scripts as inspiration.

But where should people sit?   You can either distribute boarding passes that assign seats later ("Airport check-in") or passes that assign seats directly.   Both options are possible using these Canaan Air boarding passes.   Here are seat assignment/place cards, with matzah backgrounds, of course.

If you want, you can set out a table with their boarding passes, to be used as place cards (picture below).

What's left to set the scene?   You can have napkin rings at each place setting, with the branded Air Canaan logo.

Distribute blankets or pillows to keep the passengers comfortable on the long trip on the way to the revelation at Mt Sinai.   Download the full size napkin ring labels and the full size blanket labels.

Big thanks to Michele (and Michael) Less, of Memphis, for beautifully expanding upon our ideas and permitting others to use her design files.   If you expand upon these ideas, I'd love to hear about it!   Email me at:   Murray Spiegel <info{at_sign_here}>.

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